Weight Training For Beginners – Everybody Can Do It


The weight training exercises are very effective to keep your physic in shape and fit. The important point to remember while doing the training is to do them correctly. Training routines may be very confusing for beginners, specifically when you are trying this exercise at home.

Below given are some tips for the beginners:

Warm Up

Before you start these exercises, you must warm up your body. You can swing your arms, start jogging on the spot or dance. This warm up will keep your body active and in motion and will prepare your body to participate in the coming exercise.

Graceful and Smooth Workout

The workout style must be smooth and graceful. The exercises should have even and balanced movements. The over-excess strain can cause injury to the muscles. You motions must be very controlled and balanced while doing the weights training. There should be no sudden or swift movements.

Relinquish Breathing

You must not hold your breath while you are stressing you body during these exercises. The weights are the heavy exercises and you body needs to have oxygen. If you hold your breath then your muscles will suffer. Make sure that you are breathing properly while doing exercises.

Pay Proper Attention

All beginners who are doing the weights training exercises for the first time must pay proper attention to the exercises they are doing. It means that your body and mind should be at the same place. You must count the repetitions and be sure that all your movements are balanced.

Suitable Weights

It is equally important that while you opt for the weights make sure that they are heavy enough that they can stress your muscles. But it does not mean that you should start with the heaviest weight, as by doing this will harm your muscles. You must choose the weight with which you can make at least 10 to 12 repetitions.

Multiple Repetitions

Instead of doing several sets in the wrong manner, make sure that you do one set slowly but in the correct manner. At least 10 to 12 repetitions must be made to get the effective results of the exercises. This will give you more effective results and save your muscles from getting injuries.

Balanced Workout

It is very important that your exercise is effectively working your full body. Do not concentrate on one or two parts of your body. This is a misconception among beginners that weight training is designed to develop the Abs. But the fact is that the weights training work effectively on your arms, abdomen, back, chest, shoulders and legs evenly.


Overdoing of weights training may cause multiple muscular injuries so make sure that you are taking proper rest so that your body muscles can be relaxed. Enough time should be given to the muscles so that they can get recovery and muscles can grow.

Source by Dana Gale



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