Weight Loss Diets – 3 Important Vitamins For Dieters


Weight loss diets typically do not make any recommendations for vitamins. It is not, traditionally, in their scope. However, there are 3 vitamins which are too important to weight-watchers to be disregarded. These are Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin A.

In terms of losing weight, Vitamin B or B Complex is the most important. Practically speaking, B Complex helps to increase your metabolism. It helps to improve your digestion and helps to burn fat. You feel more energetic. Two natural sources of B Complex are liver and yeast. For those of you who do not like the taste of liver, a B Complex supplement makes a suitable replacement.

Beside the direct effects, B Complex also has indirect effects which are useful for people trying to lose weight. It helps to improve and stabilize your moods, and also helps to soothe your nerves. Given that many moody people and nervous people tend to turn to food to feel better, this secondary effect of B Complex is clearly important.

The next important vitamin for dieters is Vitamin C. While it has no obvious effect on weight loss, it is important for general health and a strong immune system. Studies have shown that people suffering from Vitamin C deficiency tend to catch colds more easily. If you already take Vitamin C supplements, or eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, you should be fine. However, dieters on high-protein diets often do not eat enough fruits and vegetables. So you need to take adequate precautions if you are in this category. Similar to B Complex, people suffering from Vitamin C deficiency also suffer from irritability.

The final member of this important troika is Vitamin A. Unlike B Complex and Vitamin C, Vitamin A is an oil-soluble vitamin, so excess Vitamin A promises to remain in your body. This can be a good thing, since many people tend not to consume enough Vitamin A. An indication of Vitamin A deficiency is poor night vision and skin problems. Unfortunately for weight-watchers, the natural sources for Vitamin A are milk, butter and cream – the main sources of fat. In addition to this, salads for dieters typically use mineral oil for dressings, which interfere in the absorption of the beta carotene. Beta carotene is a common building block of Vitamin A, and is richly present in carrots and other fruits and vegetables reddish-orange in color. Despite the problems in getting enough Vitamin A in your diet, be careful of blanket recommendations to take Vitamin A supplements. Certain forms of Vitamin A are known to be toxic in very high concentrations. If you suspect that you suffer from a deficiency, you should consult your doctor before you take Vitamin A supplements.

So, now you know the 3 important vitamins to supplement your weight loss diets. B Complex and Vitamin C are both water soluble. Any excess is removed in your urine, so it is safe to take extra supplements. On the other hand, before you take Vitamin A supplements, you should check with your doctor.

Source by Calvin Loh



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