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Losing weight is a struggle for so many people in this country, even through the world. Unfortunately, as most know, there is no easy answer. No one method that is going to work for everyone. For most people who feel they are overweight, losing weight can become over whelming. Many people obsess over it. Different diets, new exercise plans and abundant amounts of information swallow them up leading them to feel more frustrated than anything and the weight is not coming off. In fact, there is a good chance the weight continues to accumulate. The diet fad today quickly turns into the incorrect way to lose weight tomorrow. So what is the answer? What is going to work for you? It is a question that no one can answer but you. I truly hope that you take a few minutes to read this whole article. You may already know what I am going to tell you and if you do, this is just a reminder … a wakeup call. If you do not already know what I am about to tell you, this could change your life.

The first thing I want to suggest, more importantly than any pill or fitness routine, begins with your mind. How do you feel day to day? What kinds of inner conversations do you have with yourself? If it sounds anything like "I'll never lose this weight", "I can not lose this weight", "I'm so fat", the first thing you need to do is change that. Negative thinking never got anyone anywhere. The most important thing in this process is to correct your thinking. Make a point to sit quietly for a few minutes several times each day and think positively about yourself. Close your eyes and picture yourself as you want to be or as you want to look. Block everything else out. Start from your head and work down. See each muscle where you want it to be, each tight curve, etc. Really see yourself. If you have freckles on your arms, make sure you see them as you see your perfect self. Make sure it is you that you are seeing in your ultimate form. As you visualize, speak to yourself in a positive way. "I am fit and healthy." "I am beautiful." "I am thin." Say only positive things and stay away from anything concerning losing weight. Do not say "I have lost all the weight." Just say "I am thin." Do not say "I will not be fat any more, I will lose this weight." Say "I am healthy and beautiful and lean." Do not give fat any of your thought or attention. Only give you powerful thoughts to the fact that you ARE thin, lean, healthy, etc. I used the word powerful in the last sentence and this is so very true for everything in life. Your mind is the most powerful tool you have for making anything happen. Give the power over to the positive, happy and healthy thoughts while banishing any negative thoughts.

This also applies to your entire day. If at any moment a negative thought about your weight or your body pops into your head, stop it immediately. Stop giving your power of thought over to those images and feelings. Immediately change the voice in your head to the positive words above. "I am incredible and I look and feel amazing." "I am a lean, mean healthy machine!" I can not stress enough how important this is. If you think fat in anyway, that's what you are going to keep getting and keep being. If you think thin all the time, know that you are thin and feel it in your heart, mind and soul, that is what you will be.
The other most important factor in losing weight and dieting is to eat! Do not starve yourself. Do not skip meals. The best thing you can do for your metabolism is to eat. Eat smart, but make sure you eat. I know the days are busy and this can be hard, but you should be eating at least six times a day.

Prepare fruits and veggies in advance. Choose healthy snacks from the grocery store that you can keep on hand to make it a little easier. You should eat many small portions throughout the day to keep your metabolism functioning properly. When you do not eat, your metabolism slows down because something in your brain is saying "ohhh … I do not know when we will get to eat again so we better save what we have." Your body stores fat to use for later because one way or another, your brain and body need to be fed. When you get yourself into an everyday routine of eating several small portions throughout the day, your metabolism speeds up and burns the fat and calories as they come in. Your body is a well oiled machine that runs perfectly when you treat it perfectly. Feed it but feed it smartly!

Last piece of advice I will offer, but everyone already knows is exercise. Get active! When I say this, I am not saying to go out and join a gym or that you have to start jogging or anything. Just move! You can add a ton of activity which translates to burning calories just by moving more through the day. Do not look for the closest parking space when you go to the grocery store. Take the one farthest away. It will only take you an extra minute to get in and out of the store, but it adds activity. I just had a baby and I do not bring his changing supplies down to make it easier every time I need to change him. His changing supplies stay in his room and I go up and down the stairs several times a day to change him. When I do the laundry, I do not get all the dirty clothes from every room at once and bring it down to the laundry room. I get the laundry from one room and bring it down stairs to the laundry room. It takes several trips up and down the stairs to get all the laundry but it adds that much more movement to my every day. When you are home, put music on and dance everywhere you need to go around the house. Dancing is great exercise and it is fun! The dancing and the upbeat music will not only help you get or stay in shape it lifts your mood. Dance while you vacuum, while you do the dishes (wash them instead of using the dishwasher) and while you dust. If you are stuck behind a desk at work all day, move while you sit there. Bop your legs up and down under your desk. Repeatedly squeeze and release different muscles as you sit. Stand up and stretch here and there. There are so many ways you can add activity to your life and it can be fun. Just think about it and get creative!

Will these three tips help you lose weight without the help of diet pills or plans? They may if you are passionate about it and really implement these things into your everyday. Many people along with these methods may still need the diet pills or other metabolism boosting pills to help in getting this process started. If you successfully implement these techniques, you will not need to live the rest of your life on pills. Using them to jump start this process and give you a little extra boost while you make the above three tips your normal routine and way of thinking, is absolutely fine. Do not be unrealistic and think that anything is going to melt away the fat in a week. When it comes to the methods above or diet pills or anything else you may try to lose weight, it is not going to happen overnight. Do not expect it to because if you do and then it does not happen that fast, you are only setting yourself up for feeling disappointed and frustrated which may cause you to give up and which will certainly bring in the negative thoughts and feelings. Give yourself time. You may have had extra weight on you for 5, 10, 20 or 40 years now so what make anyone think they can drop it in a week or a month. I would advise not to put expectations on losing weight at all. Throw out the scale! Do not weigh yourself every day. Do not obsess over losing weight and dieting. Put all these things into practice until they become second nature. Focus on positive thinking and soon enough you will look in the mirror and see the whole new you!

Source by Melissa Peterson



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