Parisians protest outside Libyan Embassy

“We’ve to mobilize. We will not let this type of factor occur,” one protester instructed France 24 on the rally Saturday. “Did we actually have to see such stunning footage earlier than taking a stand? I do not suppose so.”

After acquiring footage of an public sale, CNN’s Nima Elbagir and her crew went to Libya in October to research additional.

“How can it’s that within the 21st century, we’re promoting human beings like merchandise?” one girl on the Paris protest mentioned. “I can not get my head round that!”

“Priorities of the investigation are usually not solely to convict these chargeable for these inhumane acts, but additionally to determine the situation of those that have been offered to be able to carry them to security and return them to their international locations of origin,” Anes Alazabi, an official with the company, instructed CNN.

Throughout its investigation, CNN witnessed a dozen males being offered at an public sale outside of the Libyan capital of Tripoli. A few of them had been auctioned off for as little as $400. Finally, CNN was instructed of auctions happening at 9 places all through Libya, however many extra are believed to happen every month.

A man holds a placard reading "No to slavery in Libya" during Saturday's march.libya-paris-protests-11-18-full-169.jpg” data-src-mini1x1=”//” data-demand-load=”not-loaded” data-eq-pts=”mini: 0, xsmall: 221, small: 308, medium: 461, large: 781″ src=”″/>

Tens of 1000’s fleeing battle or looking for financial alternative cross into Libya annually, seeking to be smuggled throughout the Mediterranean Sea.

The United Nations estimates there are 700,000 migrants in Libya, and for years those that have crossed the Mediterranean have shared tales about beatings, kidnapping and enslavement.

“It isn’t about colour,” the girl on the protest mentioned. “This goes past colour or faith. That is about humanity.”

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