Is OmegaSvelt a Panacea For Losing Weight?


OmegaSvelt seems to be relatively new to the world of dieting and weight loss. Recently a good friend asked if I knew anything about it. Actually, I had never heard of it. Product information is scarce. As one might expect, vendor sites point out that the product is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, lipids which are known to confer multiple health benefits. Fish, fish oils, and various plant oils are specifically rich sources of Omega 3 and the related Omega 6 compounds. There is, however, no evidence that Omega fatty acids by themselves produce significant weight loss.

Omegasvelt is said to contain 'Citrus Aurantium' a substance rich in Polyamine Beta-Stimulants (PBS). Vendors claim these components act together to "increase metabolism and body thermogenesis", resulting in astonishing effects. Among these:

– rapid weight loss, with no changes to daily regimen
– loss of all excess fat
– abdomen becomes firm and flat
– youthful appearance
– general feeling of well being.

According to one vendor: "OmegaSvelt capsules cause you to shed 2 pounds a day, while purifying and reinforcing your organism. You'll lose weight without even being aware of it, simply by taking your OmegaSvelt capsules. "

Not bad for a pill.


There are thousands of weight-loss and diet pills on the market. If there were, in fact, a pill that does anything like what this product claims, the weight loss industry probably would have disappeared by now. Currently it is impossible to characterize the effects of OmegaSvelt, as so little information is available .. anywhere. On the other hand there is strong evidence suggesting this product is yet another Montreal-based weight-loss fraud: ref .
Therefore consumers would be wise to regard OmegaSvelt with the greatest skepticism, or avoid it altogether.

Source by Michael Merry



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