Healthy Eating Habits for Weight Loss

Healthy Eating Habits

By increasing your physical activity level, together with eating a nutritious diet, weight loss can be achievable. In order to maintain a stable weight, the food you eat, which provides you with energy, must equal the amount of energy you use within a day. If you eat more food then your body requires your body will store that energy as fat and then you will put on weight. On the other hand if you use more energy then you consume you will lose weight. So in order to lose weight you must use more energy then you consume on a daily basis. By exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet full of fresh fruit, vegetables and lean meat you will lose weight and maintain a healthy body.

Yo-yo dieting slows down your metabolism, many people who wish to lose weight choose crash dieting which offers short term weight lose, but generally always put the weight back on. Yo-yo dieting does not help you maintain a healthy body weight, in fact it does quite the opposite. Your body responds to this almost starving period by lowering your metabolic rate. When you lose weight you lose fat and muscle, muscle burns calories but on the other hand fat does not burn calories. So when you crash diet or semi starve yourself your body, its using energy stored in the muscle therefore decreasing muscle. The body will use its fat stores last, its thinking there is a famine so will use muscle before body fat to get the energy we need to function. When the crash diet is over, you will have lost more muscle then fat, but it’s the muscle we need to burn the fat and calories. So after a crash diet you have less muscle to burn calories and energy and the weight piles on again often putting on more then what you lost in the first place.

Really, the only way to lose weight and keep it off is to exercise regularly and eat healthy wholesome food. Even the littlest of changes can make a huge difference. If you are a big coffee drinker during the day, go for an artificial sweetener. One teaspoon of sugar equals 25 calories where as artificial sweetener are 1 calorie per tablet. So if you drink 5 cups of tea or coffee per day with 5 teaspoons of sugar what would equal 125 calories per day, verses 5 calories per day consuming artificial sweetener? Limit the amount of alcohol you drink. Alcohol is full of sugars and calories. If you drink white wine why not mix it with sparkling mineral water? Or for every alcoholic drink you have alternate it with a glass of water.

Skipping meals is not recommended for weight loss. If you skip meals, you will probably find you eat more food when you do eat, and this will lead to a larger stomach capacity. Scientific studies show that the stomach capacity can dramatically increase if larger individual meals are eaten. This then increase the amount of food you need to eat at each meal before you feel ‘full’. To kick start your metabolism it is recommended to eat five small meals a day. This way you are not in danger of over eating at meal time.

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