Facts about vitamins and minerals

The body depends on vitamins and minerals to function properly and adequately they are taken from diet and they represent major nutrients categories together with fatty acids, protein and sugars. Most nutritional supplements contain a balanced combination of vitamins and minerals, with the mention that some products are more specialized than others. Thus, there are supplements that only include one essential mineral and a vitamin that helps to its metabolism. Thus, calcium depends on vitamin D while magnesium works in combination with vitamin B6, to give just two relevant examples here.

health benifits of vitamins and minerals
health benifits of vitamins and minerals

The Health Benefits of Vitamins and Minerals

A balanced diet is more than enough for you to take all the vitamins and minerals if your body mechanisms are working properly. Mention must be made that people who suffer from chronic disease or those who have developed health problems due to mineral or vitamin deficiency which usually requires supplementation. When you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis you will need more than just a diet rich in dairy products. You will most certainly need a calcium supplement combined with vitamins D and C to assist to the absorption of the mineral.

Some Advantages of Vitamins and Minerals Combination

A balanced combination of vitamins and minerals works fine for visual health. Combinations of antioxidants like vitamin C, E and A together with selenium and zinc will prevent glaucoma, cataract and macular degeneration. People who suffer from the dry eye syndrome could also improve their condition by using such supplements. Do not use vitamin supplements without talking to your doctor first. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies require special tests for diagnosis.

health benifits of vitamins and minerals
health benifits of vitamins and minerals

Anemia is often treated with a strong combination of vitamins and minerals besides a very healthy diet. The problem with self-diagnosis and individual treatment is that you could do more harm than good. The following examples show where you could go wrong with self-administration and not even know it.
The administration of certain vitamins and supplements are absolutely necessary or forbidden for some health conditions.

Problems Associated With Vitamins and Minerals

  • Pregnant women should be careful with the vitamin A intake because it can cause baby malformations.
  • Smokers who take vision supplements may have problems with the same vitamin A (beta-carotene)
  • Be careful with calcium supplements if you suffer from kidney stones.
  • Vitamin K interferes with blood thinning medication.
  • Iron can cause constipation.

Other problems may accompany the administration of vitamins and minerals. Use supplements only according to doctors orders because you risk causing health problems.

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