Direct N-alkylation of unprotected amino acids with alcohols


N-alkyl amino acids discover widespread utility as extremely invaluable, renewable constructing blocks. Nonetheless, conventional synthesis methodologies to acquire these undergo from severe limitations, offering a significant problem to develop sustainable alternate options. We report the primary highly effective catalytic technique for the direct N-alkylation of unprotected α-amino acids with alcohols. This technique is extremely selective, produces water as the one facet product resulting in a easy purification process, and a range of α-amino acids are mono- or di-N-alkylated, usually with glorious retention of optical purity. The hydrophobicity of the merchandise is tunable, and even easy peptides are selectively alkylated. An iron-catalyzed path to mono-N-alkyl amino acids utilizing renewable fatty alcohols can be described that represents a really perfect inexperienced transformation for acquiring absolutely bio-based surfactants.

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