Pay per click or simply PPC is a type of internet marketing model which primarily aims to redirect traffic to a specific website. A website owner will allow a second party to place advertisements on his or her website in exchange for a payment. Pay per click means that the advertising entity will pay the website owner whenever their ads have been clicked.

What is PPC? Types, Purpose, Benefits and Management

What is the Purpose of PPC?

The main objective of PPC is to increase a website’s number of visitors. It is generally believed that the success of a website greatly depends upon the number of people visiting it. The more people that visit a website, the higher the chance that people will do a business transaction with that website PPC management is vitally needed to increase the effectiveness of your PPC.

Types Of PPC

What is flat-rate PPC?

This is a model of PPC where advertisers will pay publishers a fixed amount per click. Generally, a publisher has a rate card where all the rates are listed. Since not all web pages are of the same quality and content, a publisher will most likely charge higher rates on those web pages with better content. The more attractive a web page is, the higher the rate. But in cases where an advertiser opts for a long term contract, rates may come in at a discounted price.

What is bid-based PPC?

Bidding in relation to PPC is almost the same as with auctions. An advertiser will have to bid for the maximum price he or she is willing to pay. The same thing will be done by other publishers. The competing publishers will bid for a given spot and the ad spot will be awarded to the highest bidder. This is rather more complicated compared to flat-rate PPC. But engaging in bid-based PPC is important in order to maximize exposure in search engine return pages (SERP) and other affiliated networks where there are more visitors.

What are The Benefits of PPC?

The main advantage of PPC is that it can allow an advertiser to increase its online visibility without even paying a single penny. Even if people do not actually click on an ad, they will still see the ad is there and the advertisement will subconsciously make an impression on people’s mind.
Another benefit of PPC is that it is measurable, unlike its contemporary ‘cost per impression’ version. Since it is measurable, most advertisers will easily determine if their promotional campaigns have been successful or not. They can readjust their efforts to address weaknesses while strengthening further the points where they have had success.

How to Manage PPC?

PPC can be very complicated if an advertiser lacks even basic knowledge about internet marketing. Without the proper PPC management skills, it is impossible to get the most out of PPC. In addition to this, most people might even feel hesitant to start with PPC because of unfamiliarity. For this reason, an advertiser needs to obtain a PPC management agency to ensure effectiveness in PPC.
If you are still unsure if PPC is right for you, you can read more information from the internet and other sources. Increasing your website’s popularity will be achieved through effective PPC.

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